Extract: ‘Attitude’.

Vince White: It’s just Spinal Tap man, you just turn it up and just fucking whaaam’. That’s what I did!

Nick Sheppard: Did Vince have a bad attitude? Vince was hired for his attitude!

Pete Howard: I went down to the audition and Vince was the only person who stood up and said…

Nick Sheppard: In front of all the other guitar players and went, ‘This is fucking crap!’…

Pete Howard: ‘I’m not fucking playing this shit’.

Nick Sheppard: Oh, he’s got attitude…

Pete Howard: And they practically kinda went, ‘Right, that’s our man’…right there without even really hearing what he was like as a musician.

Nick Sheppard: So they hired him for attitude. What they maybe didn’t get was that when you hire someone for attitude, you get their attitude not the one you think you’re gonna get.

This is an extract from The Rise and Fall of the Clash © Danny Garcia, available in paperback and on kindle 


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